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the Lamb’s Fellowship of lake elsinore

Embrace. Multiply. Shake.


The Lamb’s Fellowship of Lake Elsinore

Embrace People. Multiply Disciples. Shake the Dust.

Here at the Lamb’s Fellowship of Lake Elsinore, we do as Jesus did. We embrace all people, regardless of past ground or present ground in hopes of bringing them to a future holy ground. We multiply disciples by studying the Holy Bible, teaching the written word as Gods sweeping love story towards humanity. We, as Jesus did, shake the dust from our feet, always moving forward towards Gods will for our lives and living out our purpose and calling.  


What to expect at our

Sunday Morning Services.

9 & 10:30 am

We hold regular Sunday worship services at 9 & 10:30am

You can expect to be welcomed at the door as you are, dress however you are most comfortable. Services usually start with a few Holy Spirit inspired worship songs as an invitation to bring an attitude of praise to our Living God. During our time of worship, we will have prayer team members available for anyone in attendance.

Prayer is often followed by our community announcements, then a biblically grounded message in which we imperfectly share the heart of our Lord Jesus Christ for his people.

In Essentials Unity, In Non-Essentials Liberty, In All Things Charity
— St. Augustine